Sunday, April 07, 2013

White man rescued by a black couple

A white man is being beaten by a gang of black youngsters, then saved by a courageous couple who called 911 and then returns to the scene to break it up.
Thank God for people like this couple.


Deb said...

The "elderly" man was 56 years old. Maybe in her world 56 is elderly, but it sure ain't elderly in mine.

Glad she helped save the old geezer.


edutcher said...

Same sort of thing happened during the Rodney King riots in LA.

A black preacher stood over a truck driver pulled from his rig by a mob and told them they'd have to kill him first.

A black family saw a man attacked by a mob on the TV news and drove out to rescue him (the journolists, of course, did nothing but sit there and tape the assault).

There are good people out there, but the Lefty media doesn't want us to know about them.