Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who the fuck would want to get high with Justin Bieber?

 -- The list of troubles linked to Justin Bieber's tour of Europe grew again after Swedish police said Thursday they had found drugs and a stun gun on the pop singer's bus.
No arrests were made since the bus was empty at the time, Stockholm police spokesman Lars Bystrom told The Associated Press.
Police said they decided to act after smelling marijuana coming from inside the bus while it was parked outside the hotel where Bieber was staying in the capital. Drug officers searched the bus during the concert while Bieber was on stage, Bystrom said.

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  1. In 40 years he'll be just like Willy Nelson!

  2. I would. Absofuckingtutely. Then if I am cool with him, he'll probably ask a few barely legal 18 year olds to give me mercy sex. You see where I am going with this?

  3. I think you need to get high to DEAL with Justin Beiber. QED.

  4. If you worked with JB wouldn't you want to be stoned?

  5. "In 40 years he'll be just like Willie Nelson."

    A. Try SIXTY years, and I don't blieve he's gonna last that long.

    B. In his dreams.


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