Thursday, May 16, 2013

A deal you don't want to miss

Hey, just thought you might want to know that you can pick up a great deal on the Kershaw Scallion over at Two Point Enterprise

Here's a piece of the page that I saw it on:

We have a deal for you. While supplies last we are deeply discounting three select models of the Kershaw Scallion. These models have been discontinued at the manufacturer, but we still have stock! The three models being discounted are the Kershaw 1620BL (blue Kershaw Scallion)Kershaw 1620GRN (green Kershaw Scallion), and Kershaw 1620PINK (pink Kershaw Scallion).

You can find out more about them and the very nice discount HERE

Hey, I deal with Dennis all the time and have never found his service to be anything but stellar, matter of fact he's my Go-To guy for Kershaw, SOG and Gerber knives and tools. His business is here in the States and it's family owned and operated.


Anonymous said...

I bought one of those Scallions at a pawn shop this past spring break - pretty sweet little pocket knife.

Thanks for sharing good news sir - I'll check out their shop.

Jim22 said...

I have one of these knives. It has a black handle. It is everything that they say it will be.

I bought the one without serrations because I find the serrations a pain to sharpen and I like a sharp knife.

I should order another one at this price but I think $29 is about what I got it for originally at the Walmart.