Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another "Aw fuck" moment in time


peaowed said...

Isn't that a "coexist" sticker on the bow of that sailboat?

Anonymous said...

When I was a lad, maritime right-of-way demanded all motor ships must give way to vessels under sail. My dad and I even claimed right-of-way under sail in NY harbor!

In current times, however, civility seems to have taken a back seat:

"Commercial shipping should be treated with great caution. Theoretically, they are required to give way to sailing vessels. Usually they are on autopilot in open waters and restricted in narrow channels, so demonstrate your intentions and do not insist on right of way."


Angel eyes said...

Did you guys hear the sound of hippies sinking? Neither did I. Pass the herring, please.

Gabe said...

It's called "The Law Of Gross Tonnage".
Yes, by maritime law, vessels under power are supposed to give way to sailboats and such. However, stopping or turning a ship with tons of displacement takes a lot of room and a lot of effort. If the channel is going through is narrow enough, it has nowhere to go. So, the bigger you are, the harder it is to move, nevermind see a dumb little bitch like that asshole in the sailboat. Plus, just because you have the right of way, doesn't mean it hurts any less.
Hey, jerkweed, it's a giant red tanker. You can see it coming at you. MOVE!!!

Hacksaw said...

It looks to me like "arrogance" didn't work this time. Reminds me of some of the dickweed fucks that just walk right out into the intersection without even pausing a second to look and see if a car is coming. They just have the attitude of fuck you, hit me and I'll be rich. I stop for them anyway but sometimes I'd like to call their arrogant fucking bluffs.

Anonymous said...

Hans, here's a paragraph from your rules of the road link.

A sailing boat underway should keep clear of:

A vessel not under command
A vessel restricted in its ability to manoeuvre
A fishing vessel
A vessel constrained by its draught
I used to boat the Great Lakes and I always gave way too the freighters especially in the channels and shipping lanes.

Anonymous said...

I'm obviously in the wrong place. Boooooring.