Monday, May 06, 2013


Watch the video. Kinda sorta restores your faith in the human race, doesn't it? In Russia, anyways. I wish folks here had this kind of attitude.
But it brings a question to mind: Why in the fuck does everybody over there have a dashcam?

Thanks to Murray for sending it in.


  1. amazon has them real cheap. been thinking of getting one.

  2. Wirecutter, there are many people like this here in the USA. Bad news is all we see or hear off (bad news sells) I'm one of them as I know you are ( in the ATM line,thug cutting in front)and I know many others. Don't lose faith in your fellow man even with all the shit going on here and in the world and the coming storm. As for the dashcams, I think it has to do with false insurance claims and protecting yourself..


  3. Semper Fi, 0321May 6, 2013 at 7:12 PM

    They all have dashcams for insurance proof in wrecks, the corruption is so bad that they have to film everything 24/7. That's why there were so many vids from the meteor shower.

  4. Semper Fi is right. If you ain't got proof, it's "he said she said" and the insurance company tells you to get fucked, tovarisch.

    It would be worthwhile to do that in Kalifornia if they'd ever prosecute an invader(which will never happen).

  5. I like to see those kind of people. It makes everybody smile and feel good. Just remember what comes around goes around........
    Those were all "conservative" ruski's...cough, cough.

  6. Semper Fi and Wraith got it.


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