Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bomb dogs (or lack of) at the Boston Marathon

Hey Ken,
It's been a couple weeks now since I bought up the issue of the lack of bomb dogs at the Boston Marathon and it's not that I'm obsessed with it but, ever since then I've been viewing every picture of the Marathon Start and Finish line I can get my hands on, yet and I'll be damned if I can find ANY definitive photos showing a dog anywhere at the Marathon. There are tons of photos now showing dogs post event as people exit Boston (day late and a dollar short) but, nadda of bomb dogs at the event. The University Mobile Cross Country Coach, Ali Stevenson participated in the Marathon and gave an interview statement saying something to the effect that he saw "bomb dogs" on roofs and at the start/finish line..... he'd never seen so many bomb dogs before. This ***singular*** statement has been almost universally plugged in to the post Marathon analysis dialog but, IMO it doesn't "wash" with the photo evidence out there. How the hell can a cross country track coach identify "bomb dogs" on a roof... from the street below?... he must be one helluva dog expert! There are tons of photos of the start and finish line from media and people in attendance and I've yet to see a single photo with a dog in it. It's like his statement was canned/scripted and purposefully interjected into the dialog.... something doesn't fit here. But then, there's A LOT that still doesn't "fit" the template that's being spoon fed the American public on this incident. I guess I shouldn't be so nosey eh? Hey, WTF do I know??? 
Thx for the good blog...stay safe :) 
Double Dog Doubter


  1. Most (damn near wrote "real") police departments have K-9 tracking units.
    When there has been a shooting and an identifiable blood trail from a suspect the K-9s are usually the first called.
    I still can't figure why dogs weren't use to track down the second suspect.
    Does anyone in the Boston area know why this was not done?

  2. Good post! I have not seen any pictures of dogs either not even in the vids posted. Bit by bit these "events" get picked apart for what they are. I was not able to find the FOX interview with "Donna" who was supposed to be Dawn Hochsprung from the sandyhook shooting. I saw some vids expressing this but nothing to back it up. If you have a link to it let me know. Like Sandyhook and Aurora Colorado stories are falling apart. I noticed that after the bombing, people are more afraid of the Gov than terrorists. Gee I wonder why?

  3. Another interesting observation was that there were few ambulances, but shitloads of wheelchairs appeared when needed. Who the hell has wheelchairs just sitting around downtown? Waiting for runners to collapse and fall down everywhere? Look back at photos for the last 5-10 yrs and make comparisons.
    Another photo op, as planned.

  4. @ Semper Fi, They may have been courtesy chairs from the stores nearby. Just a thought.

  5. The dogs that were evident were probably trackers or crowd control, not bomb dogs. The really good bomb dogs are out in Afghanistan or covering the Totally Superfluous Ass-hats (TSA) at the airports.

    Its rare to see bomb dogs during an event as, if you do security properly, you search the place when it is empty of distractions for the bomb sniffing dogs.

    After the place has been searched by police and bomb dogs, it is normally closed down with access only via metal detectors and security guards (not Police).

    Police line the route keeping a look out for suspicious activity. That way the place is classified as secure, and then kept secure.

    And yes, in Israel they have marathons in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberias and Eilat and no bombs have happened there.

    Just a guess. I don't work for no govment!


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