Monday, May 06, 2013

How America Burned While Feinstein Fiddled

Along with bombs and bombers, guns seem to be all the media wants to talk about these days. Death is sexy to our miscreant media, especially when people are killed on purpose. And when that happens, it’s all the newspapers and news stations will print and broadcast, in turn making these events appear worse than they are in reality.  

To understand this, one need only look at the difference in coverage between the Texas fertilizer plant explosionwhich killed at least 14 confirmed people and injured 200 more at the time of writing this, versus the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombingwhich only killed three and injured a hundred others. Texas was on TV for a day, tops, while we’re still hearing about Boston and will for many weeks to come. 

Where the media really didn’t care too much about the Texas incident, once a kid was killed at a race, the Boston bombing is now a foil for everything from gun control to immigration in the wake of Sandy Hook, with both sides of the political spectrum using it against the other. What about Texas, you ask? Nothing but crickets chirping from the mainstream media at the moment. Recent studies have shown that people who consume large amounts of mass media often feel more insecure, are less informed, or can’t distinguish between news and what passes as news, what with all the opinion you’ll find in news today. 
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  1. The only use the Left has for the West, Texas disaster is to rake Texas over the coals for having less regulation and more freedom. The dispicable cartoons in the Sacramento Bee the day of the West memorials indicates their only interest in those deaths. But like the Boston bombing, it's exploitation for power.

  2. ROFLOL...
    If the Marxists media cared about women children, and murdered people, they would at least cover some of Dr. Gosnell's house of murder in Phillie...
    Dr. Gosnell was doing over thousand late term abortions a month. In some cases snapping the neck of the born alive children...
    the marxists media didn't touch it...

  3. I followed the link and read the article -- Barry Snell NAILED it! Of course, the anti-gun "people" would never take the time to read the article and consider the points that Mr. Snell makes; what a shame.

    I don't know who said it, but I remember this one-liner:

    "You can lead a liberal to the truth, but you can't make him think."

    Tom Stockton

  4. Last two paragraphs are must read.

  5. You must understand our "impartial" press. To them, Texas is full of redneck conservatives who voted for Bush, then for McCain then for Romney. The people who live in Texas are, therefore, evil and stupid, and not worth the press' notice. Boston, on the other hand, is full of people who voted for Obama, and who think like the presstitutes think, and therefore are very important. So, Texas, conservative, beneath notice; Boston commielib, worth 24/7 coverage when anything bad happens.

  6. Holy shit that was a great read! Well done. My hat is off and my glass is raised to one man's words that speak for millions.


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