Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It finally dawned on me.....

Fast and Furious, warrantless searches, Obamacare in the dead of the night, drone surveillance of American citizens, ability to arrest and detain (or even kill) American citizens indefinitely without charging them, Arab Spring bankrolling, gun grabbing attempts, Benghazi, FBI/CIA ignoring the Boston Bomber threat, IRS bullying tactics on TEA Party and Jewish groups, Justice Dept. secret phone tapping of the AP, EPA special interest preferential treatment, the ongoing attacks on the I, II and IV Amendments.
It was just a series of scandals. It's to the point that I'm officially calling it for what it really is; a full blown crime wave.


KC said...

spot on!
They're fucking criminals!!

Quixote said...

I agree with Don, things are piling up faster than this empty suit knows how to deal with them; things are feelin' awfully tense these days. One might say it's time to call a spade a spade, as it were, were one so inclined...

It does sure seem to me the time draws nearer when words will in fact be reduced to action - then we'll be able to distinguish who's been talkin' and who's been walkin'.

I'm startin' to feel like I'd like to live closer to wirecutter; I'm not sure I see the same grassroots commitment to Liberty here in FL that are apparent elsewhere.

We shall see, perhaps sooner than later,


Everett said...

Absolutely true and I wonder why Congress has it's collective head up their ass?

Who can convene a special prosecutor? And why isn't it being done?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the DOJ was wiretapping the cloakroom on Capitol Hill? Yup. Sounds like a shitstorm is breaking lose for the asshats in the Whitehouse.

-Concerned Mama