Saturday, May 11, 2013

My views on the Benghazi hearings

I'm sorry but I just can't get excited over the recent furor about Benghazi. Yes, it was a tragedy that never should have happened and we all knew that the stories and excuse making when it happened back in September of last year was bullshit. We knew (and I'm talking about not only you folks but the general public) that it was terrorism from the git-go. We knew that the government failed the Ambassador and his staff. We knew that it was a very weak cover-up when they tried to blame it on a video.
So what's new?
Nothing. Not a damned thing. The only thing these hearings are accomplishing is filling in the blanks to a story that we already knew.

Does anybody really expect anything to come of these hearings? I mean, seriously? Do any of you think that it's going to 'bring down' the Obama administration, or even shake it up? I don't.
Even if the hearings fully determine that the government was grossly negligent, nothing will come of it. That arrogant son of a bitch who's President right now will not be punished, his former Secretary of State doesn't give a damn, and if anything, anything at all happens to anybody it will happen to whoever occupies the lowest rung on the ladder. Shit truly does roll downhill.


  1. all true brother, but at least hillary will have a stain on her she can't wash off this time. when she runs in 2016, benghazi! will be chanted wherever she goes.

  2. Same thoughts that I have. All posturing with no affect that will be meaningful.
    Even if the House would impeach does anyone seriously think the Senate would convict?
    I do believe this needs to be made "public" but as to accomplishing anything - big no.

  3. Yuppers. This is all Republican kabuki theater until after next year's elections. Right now there aren't enough votes in the Senate to convict Obama (Impeachment Be Upon Him) even if the House does a Clinton Redux. There may still not be enough votes in 2014.

  4. Amen Bro! Filthy fuckers...all of em. FUCK OBAMA

  5. Riverrider - that's 2 1/2 long years from now. The American sheeple have short memories.

  6. Nothing will come of this because the media doesn’t want it to. If the current MSM hated this president as much as they hated Nixon this debacle would be the end of Obama.

  7. Tempest in a Teapot. One benefit, may reignite the fire in some Patriots. Possibly wake up a few sheeple. But beyond that. nothing.

  8. Just like obammy and his lies, like holder and his lies and everyone else in the government that are spinning their will all get buried. Nothing will happen. Unless Patriots do something about it.
    Papa Mike

  9. There WILL be nothing come of it because the right people don't have any balls to do anything, and the powers to be are not going to let the "unwashed" masses tell them just what to do. I mean shit people!!!! After all , all we do is pay their fucking salary, insure their rotten asses, and pick up the tab for everything and they have the goddam gall to lie to us about everything.The only one I have seen lately that has any gumption is Ted Cruz the senator from Texas, and dingy harry has already called him a bully, with the rest of the scum nodding their heads in agreement.
    FUCK the whole bunch of them!!!!!!!!!

  10. wirecutter- true, but a shitload of vets are angry over this thing. our memory won't fade so quickly.

  11. RR, I truly hope you're right and there is that very distinct possibility. Look what the Swift Boat Sailors did to Kerry.
    I just don't have a lot of faith in most of the American people.

  12. Look what happened with Fast and Furious, not a damn thing. Same song, second verse.


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