Thursday, May 09, 2013

Thinning the herd.....

THURMOND, W.Va. (AP) – Police in Fayette County say a man was electrocuted when he picked up a live power line that he had shot down in order to steal copper from it.
Fayette County Sheriff Steve Kessler says the man’s body was found Wednesday in Thurmond.
Kessler says the man and an accomplice planned to strip the line of its copper wiring to later sell as scrap metal.


  1. No surprise at all. With all the poverty here we get about one or two a month in WV who die like this. They try to steal it from mines and power sub-stations too. Darwinism, as far as I am concerned.

  2. Well, I for one, am shocked.

    Oh wait, my bad, that's him. It's possible the fellow wasn't well-grounded or was amped up on something. He certainly should have had more resistance to the idea. He could have done better sitting around chanting "ohm" or perhaps doing circuit training. I bet it really hertz to do that. These puns certainly hurt; I should probably find some current ones. I also expect you find them quite revolting and negative.

    Feel free to plug in any other commentary you can. I should probably pull the plug on this and switch to whiskey now.

    (My apologies. These things nearly write themselves).


  3. Here in the "209" we call em "The copper creeps". Fkrs steal any metal they can get their hands on. They're stealin manhole covers, drain grates,and even stealin wire out of live street lights.Empty houses are even gettin stripped.

  4. Hey Mile Hi, over at my old house on Kimble (were you ever over there after me and my ex split?) I changed out the hot water heater and hauled it out to the alley to get it out of the way. It was gone in 5 minutes.
    Motherfucking tweekers everywhere. You should seen what they did to the house next door when it went empty. It was just a shell within 2 weeks.

  5. Shocking!
    All right, someone had to say it.

  6. Just a little bleach in the gene pool.....

  7. I guess it could be different in different areas but aren't the overhead wires aluminum?

    I know I just replaced a long stretch of the stuff on my farm (terrible burning incident don't ask) and it was all aluminum.

  8. Yeah, I got no idea and I don't think he did either.
    Isn't aluminum bringing in a couple bucks a pound though?

  9. I agree rpm2day, he had such potential...

  10. PioneerPreppy, were all your guns lost in the fire too?

  11. It all depends if it had been upgraded or not...A lot of rural areas still have copper up...

  12. AH, another nominee for the Darwin Award!

    Here's another weird one:


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