Monday, May 06, 2013

Throwaway Phones 101

Take a few minutes and read the post below this one.

If you absolutely positively must discuss something sensitive over the phone, at least use common sense when and how you do it.

Go to the Radio Shack (preferably in another town) and buy a cheap phone and minutes paying cash. Never ever use any payment method that can be traced back to you.
Do not load any numbers into it.
Do not use it close to your house.
Do not use it unless you're moving - you know, doing 70 mph.
Do not use it more than once.
Use your throwaway to only call other throwaways whose users are following the same precautions. (Thanks to OhioDude for reminding me of that)
When you make your ONE call, remove the SIM card and destroy both the card and phone, then dispose of both of them in separate locations.

Make 'em work for it.


Anonymous said...

Mr L


Throw-aways ONLY ever call other throwaways


And if folks are going to invest the time and practice in one-time pads, including "Solitaire" they buy books/references with CASH


wirecutter said...

Fuck, I knew I was forgetting something. I'll add the throwaway to throwaway in as an addition now.

Anonymous said...


Cells can - and are - tracked even when off. The only way to stop that is to take the battery out.

Also, buy extra SIM cards. Use one for a limited time and then retire it.

wirecutter said...

Naw, just toss the phone. We're talking cheapos here, not an iPhone.
They can be had for under 20 bucks all day long.

Anonymous said...

Make sure that your personal phone & your non-attributable phone never share the same space with batteries in them. Best stay way away from your normal routine when making the call.

Anonymous said...

Buy it some place where there are no cameras. Serial number of phone sent during conversation will allow tracing to selling store.

wirecutter said...

I do not know of a single store anywhere that doesn't have cameras, much less one selling any kind of electronic equipment. Besides, how are they going to trace a phone that was destroyed?
Y'all ain't reading the entire post here.

Walk in, buy the phone and minutes paying cash, walk out. Activate the phone and load the minutes yourself.

Paul C said...

Just buy two cans and some string.

Stretch said...

Should we ever meet face to face ask me “What did you do with those surplus cell phones?”

Anonymous said...

buy from a store in another area, that you have never been to nor will ever return to.

buy wearing hoodie, cap, & glasses - beware of parking lot cameras too.
you cannot be too cautious/paranoid - really.

don't activate from your home phone!

don't provide any information!

how can the phone & you be tracked from a security camera? assume the phone is considered suspicious from the call you made - regardless of the fact phone is destroyed the phone connection data lists the phone make & serial number, along with much more info. that serial number can be traced to store. it is simple to pull up EVERY SINGLE transaction for phones, with time stamps, and then review the camera footage. and there you are.

mebbe best to have someone else buy it for you.


wirecutter said...

Yeah, you walk into a store around here, anywhere around here wearing a hoodie, cap and glasses and you'll be told to remove them or leave which means you just drew attention to yourself.

Fuck, guys. The more you act like you're on a mission, the more attention you're going to draw. People buy cheap cell phones every day. It ain't that big a deal. Just go and buy the damned thing and pay cash.

wirecutter said...

Seriously, I've been buying throwaways for as long as they've been available and have never had it bounce back on me.
Y'all are making it a lot more complicated than you need to.

Ultimate Ordnance said...

The last time I bought something in a Radio Shack, they wanted my name, address, and phone number. That's why it was the last time I bought something in a Radio Shack!

wirecutter said...

And as far as they're concerned my name is George Mason, my address is completely made up and I don't have a damned phone number, that's why I'm trying to buy one.
You ain't gotta tell 'em the truth, man.

Jim (New Mexico) said...

Bit of a newb question. If you can only make one call, and that is to another phone that is only used to make (or receive?) one call, how do you find out the phone number to call?