Friday, August 07, 2020

A Thank You From the Lanes

It's been 2 months now since Miss Lisa's son Josh passed away, a very rough 2 months for her. She's going through something that no parent should ever have to go through, and while I know that saying has been used for millennia, it rings as true today as it did the first time it was uttered.

The support of each and every one of you that sent a sympathy card, an email, a donation, or a simple prayer helped tremendously, more than I can express in words. It showed her that she wasn't having to bear this burden alone.
Yes, I was there for her, but as a husband, that's my job and is expected. What wasn't expected was the huge outpouring of support from folks like you that took a few moments to show that you cared. That in itself was amazing. As we grow older we begin to become hardened to tragedy and suffering, or so we think until something like this happens, then we're shown that compassion still lives and in some of the most unexpected places and ways.
For this we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. I can't begin to tell you how much you've helped my wife through this, but please know that each and every one of you made a huge difference in our lives and we'll never forget this.
-Ken and Lisa Lane


  1. And that is exactly why I come to this site every morning and every night, and as many time in between as I can. Just from the short exchanges I have had with you via email, I know you are a good, honest dude. I dont know Lisa, but, I know you wouldn't be with anyone unless they were good and honest too. You guys take care. Day by day, it'll get a little better and better.

  2. Hope you guys have a great weekend. Greetings from Arizona. While I'm mostly a lurker, I do appreciate what you do here for all of us your readers, and we do consider you and Lisa friends. Weird, I know, but that's the connection every day, more so than even family sometimes. We're happy when things are going well for you, and we feel it when you share your life with us both good and bad. Thanks and prayers for you.

  3. I am not alone in saying this.... 'LOVE you both'!

    Chutes Magoo

  4. Hey Kenny;

    We think you alright for for an asshole and all, but we love Ms Lisa to death, still many prayers to you both.

  5. Read a dove bar saying that resonated with me . Exhale the past, inhale the future.

    Tomorrow will be a better day.

  6. Hope you are well. You never should have to bury your kid. My buddy sent you a donation once and you sent us a signed picture back. It’s hanging on the refrigerator in my bar Kenny.

  7. You guys are good people, WC. You two are worth the prayers and support of your friends and fans and more. Stay close and remember to look after yourselves from time to time too.

  8. Love to you both. Even though we've never met in person, I know y'all are good people. God bless you both and give you strength.

  9. Kenny, you and Lisa are the good. There seem to be fewer and fewer as the years pass.

  10. Even though we have never met, and I live a half a world from you, I regard you and Lisa as a part of my wider family.

    After you barged into my life with your informative, funny and interesting blog, I visit nearly everyday, to see how you all are getting on, and I am honoured to have helped in a small way.

    Give my love to Lisa, and you keep on being her rock.

    Cheers Lofty.

  11. waitingForTheStormAugust 8, 2020 at 8:00 AM

    I cannot imagine the grief she is experiencing. When my father passed, it took years to overcome the worst part of it, but he spent his last breaths while I was alone with him on a bleak Christmas morning.

    We wish Lisa and you the best. I had the good fortune to meet you by happenstance some time ago after having followed you for many years on your blog. You are every bit as engaging in person as you are on the interweb. I am sure Lisa is glad to have you to lean on and appreciates your strength. Nothing helps more than that; I can confidently say that from my own experience.

    Good fortune to the both of you. All that can be done is to cope with it. Having the love and strength of a loved one is a great comfort.

  12. Yes, I enjoyed meeting you as well. Good conversations, although waaay too short.

    I tried my best with Lisa although I got the impression that I was hovering too much. I had to force myself to give her some private time.

  13. It is heart breaking to lose a child, so unfair, so hard to understand. I pray that you and Miss Lisa will feel God's love and grace during such a difficult time, and also the love of people you have never met that wish you nothing but happiness and pray Josh is in paradise and pray you and Miss Lisa will join him there some day. God Bless you.

  14. I think of you two constantly. Lisa, you have and will always have my very warmest regards.
    Kenny, not so much.

  15. Not much we can add to the words of all the others. Know that we're thinking of you.

    Mr. & Mrs. Inbred Redneck

  16. Ken,

    Keep showing her your love and support.
    And give Lisa a big bear hug for us.

    Take care, be safe.
    God bless.
    Griz - Alaska

  17. This has changed Miss Lisa forever. How can it not? I hope that time, hugs, listening, and some alone time will help her endure and someday she'll be able to laugh again.


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