Friday, August 14, 2020

NYC dumps homeless pedophiles in hotel near elementary school playground

Mayor De Blasio’s New York City placed at least six homeless pedophiles, all of whom were parole for child sex crimes, at a luxury Upper West Side hotel located just one block away from an elementary school playground.


  1. Dump those sickos off Long Island, right where the great whites are feeding.

  2. Fredo Cuomo’s stupider brother has a lot to explain. I hope those families remember this come time for elections; their children mean less than nothing to dems

  3. AP: "In a related story, Mayor de Blasio announced that rats were now a 'protected species' and that Central Park's Bethesda Fountain would be converted into a mosquito breeding pond."

  4. I hope the kids stay safe.

    That said, the kind of people who live in Manhattan (NYFC) Upper West Side tend to be the sort of people who have done similar to the rest of the country. Who are the people who are all big on unlimited immigration from third world shitholes? Rich white assholes living in coastal big cities.

    1. The local rabbis are up in arms over the slight to their tribal members there....

  5. Upper West Side - where they keep electing Jerrold Nadler. Couldn't happen to nicer people.

  6. The first thing wrong here is that pedophiles and parole are in the same sentence.


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