Friday, August 14, 2020

So much for respecting your elders

A Michigan man allegedly climbed through a window to sexually assault a 96-year-old neighbor in her home, police said.

Dejon Dejor Lynn, 25, was arrested Saturday in an Aug. 4 attack at the Colonial Square Cooperative in Ann Arbor, a townhouse complex where both he and the elderly victim live, reports.


  1. I could be deaf and dumb. But I know what color the suspect is.

  2. He didn’t “attack” her, he raped her. But this being Bitchigan, I’m sure he will get away with it.

  3. “You have to be sick, deranged or on drugs."
    He's probably all three.

    If I live to be 96 I hope I'm still physically able to shoot my .41 mag. That would be a good feeling dispensing a little frontier justice to a clown like Dejon Dejor, knowing you're not going to do much time for it.

    1. If I was on the jury you wouldn't be doing any time.

  4. Hollywood has let us know years ago, that there is "A Time To Kill". Are there any men in her family capable of dispensing justice?

  5. "Dejon Dejor?"
    Who the fuck names a child after mustard? If "dejor" were spelled correctly, wouldn't that be "mustard of the day?" Or maybe just the region in France.
    -Just A Chemist

  6. They run out of logging chains and pickup trucks in Michigan, or what?

  7. I live in Michigan, on the far side of the state. But I was in Ann Arbor, at the U of M medical center, a few weeks ago, taking my daughter for some medical issues. Then back a couple of weeks later to get her. I drove past that apartment complex one of the times, since they were doing so much construction work that I drove all over, GPS of no help.
    Since it is in Michigan's southeast, there is a very good chance that this POS will indeed get off. That area is why we cannot get a decent government and decent laws in this F.... state.
    I am 60 now, and I love Michigan, with it's fantastic beauty, rivers of clean water that you can actually see through, hunting and such. But I have been working on getting my wife the idea of one day packing up and moving away. Most likely to a state where there are less people. The fewer people, the less chance you have so many assholes. They will still be there, but you can at least avoid them.
    That U.of M. hospital, I stood behind a Karen, telling a man and his son to put on a mask. What a bitch.



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