Monday, September 28, 2020

Californians refuse to evacuate as wildfire threatens Emerald Triangle marijuana crop

SAN FRANCISCO — California’s largest wildfire is threatening a marijuana growing enclave, and authorities said many of the locals have refused to evacuate and abandon their maturing crops even as weather forecasters predict more hot, dry and windy conditions that could fan flames. 
-Don in Oregon


  1. It’s not just the crop, it’s the farm, house, barn, greenhouses, money, back, and sweat equity that many of us have tied up in this. No one wants to walk away but some are in much less defensible situations. I’m about 18 miles downwind of the August complex in the neighboring Humboldt county. We all know the risk, and most of us have been through and fought fires with the tools and equipment at hand, sometimes to good effect. Sure we’re a stubborn lot but to chalk it up to worrying about this years crop is an oversimplification.

  2. "Leave at Once !!"

    "Naw man, we're good right here, downwind. I have a stash of Oreos so I'm good on food too ..."

  3. At least they will be higher than kite when the burn to death.

  4. Who knows there might be a market for pre-smoked ganja

  5. Glad ya’ll are safe.

  6. That article is the worst example of late-2020 'journalism'.

    It includes propaganda about centralized utility companies, a deceased firefighter from a couple hundred miles away, unrelated fires, and a stock photograph of a bomber from different fire.


    We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.
    The dope growers around here would never abandon their business.
    Any 'orders' from Oregon's unelected governess Kate 'Moonbeam' Brown are ridiculed and ignored.

  7. Talk about an up in smoke moment.

  8. Helicopter rentals are expecting to do a brisk business, though.


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