Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How long do gun barrels last?


  1. I know the life of my 6.5 creedmore precision rifle is about 2500 rounds before it starts losing velocity the the groups start opening up. Some of the newer PRS calibers are a lot worse.

  2. For the speedy round barrel replacements, check out Black Hole Weaponry. Polygonal Barrels last a lot longer. And are just as accurate.

  3. on average about 10 seconds
    that is the burn time through a barrel

    1. I remember reading somewhere that for an AR15 it is in the neighborhood of six seconds.

  4. Good vid, but the Italian's name was Bernoulli, not Venturi. (And he was Swiss, not Italian).


  5. Actually, the reference to Venturi was correct. Bernoulli came first; he was from the Netherlands. Venturi (an Italian) later built on Bernoulli's work.

    The video referenced the drop in pressure that occurs when the hot gases pass through the neck of the cartridge (aka, a venturi), but failed to explain that with the drop in pressure comes an increase in velocity. The increase in velocity is the pay off for giving up the pressure. The law of the conservation of energy defines why: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed or transferred.

    I fly stuff and reload. Usually not at the same time.


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