Thursday, September 24, 2020

Need a laugh?

A liberal woman posted a video of herself have a hysterical meltdown over the death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Friday night. The woman is driving a car, swearing, screaming and shaking the steering wheel, ending in hysterical screeching. 


  1. There is a better version out there. When she hits the rumble strip, it cuts to a shot of an SUV flying off an embankment.
    Found it at in the comments.

  2. If she were capable of reaching one, imagine her orgasm!
    Pull out fast; she'll snap it off.

  3. Just who is this mentally unstable person? Where does she work and live? Just so. The rest of ux can avoid her

  4. If the security and stability of this woman's whole world depended on the survival of an 87 year old woman with pancreatic cancer I would kindly suggest she has a problem. RBG's ego contained the seeds of destruction of her legacy. She could have retired at a reasonable age during the Obozo administration and been replaced with an ideological twin. This whole thing is funny as hell.

    1. The idea was for Hillary to win, RGB to retire and be replaced by Obama.

      When Trump won, the Dems went off the rails and have been getting progressively more unhinged since.

  5. It's TikTok. Everything on there is scripted, staged, rehearsed, shot, re-shot, edited, and finally published. You can tell this woman is acting, and not even found a good job of it. Give her and her I'll what they deserve. To be ignored.

  6. They should have told her to retire after trump was elected. O would have 60 days to push through a replacement.. But no, all the could think about was impeachment with Russian collusion. Idiots

  7. Women, simple creatures of emotion and not reason. They are incapable of living under the rule of law and law alone. everything must revolve around their personal feelings. This is something men over about 21 always knew. This is why the Framers did not extend the privilege of voting to them. Someone should tell her to shut up and go do the laundry.

  8. "Liberalism is a Mental Illness"
    What use to be a depreciating bumper sticker is now a legitimate medical diagnosis.

  9. Remember when stoicism used to be valued? Good times...

  10. Is the video reversed or is she driving in England?


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