Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Solothurn S18-1000: The Pinnacle of Anti-Tank Rifles

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  1. Read John Ross, "Unintended Consequences" about the Gun Culture's revenge. Has a good bit about a Solothurn.

  2. Henry Bowman used one to good effect in Unintended Consequences. I saw one once when I was a kid and always wondered what it would be like to shoot it.

  3. I live by Ft Carson. Asked one of the tankers there about the what the Bradly shoots. He said the coolest is solid metal non explosive rounds. Punches thru both sides of tank. Sucks all the soft tissue out of exist hole. Nobody left in tank after the hit. Is it true? So says soldier neighbor.

    1. 25mm armor piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot rounds. Bradleys used these to good effect on Soviet built T-72s in the first Gulf War. Apparently, they do make a mess.

    2. Not entirely. When the round enters, it turns the metal from the entry point into shrapnel that tears the heck out of soft tissue, but there isn't enough mass to create the suction you describe.
      If the targeted vehicle contains explosive anything, it will most likely be detonated from the shrapnel. The M-919 round is depleted uranium. Against a BMP or light tank it is awesome.
      The Abrams tank mounts a 120mm gun. It will take out nearly any Soviet built tank. You can find video on YouTube showing wrecked tanks with missing turrets. That is from the Abrams. Everything inside them is turned to crispy critters.
      What the Bradley has for dealing with tanks is the TOW missle system. It enabled the Bradley's to destroy more tanks than the Abrams did in Iraq.
      Hope that helps. Google 73 easting for more information.

    3. Armor piercing discarding sabot fin stabilized DEPLETED URANIUM! Nothing says 'Fuck you and your comrades' like a burning (yes, burning, which DU does when it penetrates, it catches fire, everything it touches catches fire) round of depleted uranium.

      The Bradley did a good number on ex-Soviet stuff in the Second Gulf War, too.

  4. Back in the early 1960s, Lahti AT rifles were available for I want to say around $100, mail order. Ammunition was available, also mail order.

  5. I've always wanted a Lahti or Solothurn, but money.


  6. I'm not objecting to your new format for linking videos, but can you put the description of the video in the atl-text for the link?

    The Forgotten Weapons channel is one that I can put on continuous play, but not while I'm working because they're way too interesting to play in the background.


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