Friday, September 18, 2020

Sumner County Mayor Holt Calls Conservative Group ‘Radical,’ Bans Meetings in County Building

Sumner County Mayor Anthony Holt referred to a conservative-minded group as “radical,” and forbid any future meetings of the group from being held in a county building.

The “radical” group that Holt called out is the Sumner County Republican Assembly (SCRA), a chapter of the Tennessee Republican Assembly.


Sumner County is the one just to the west of me and is filled with escapees from Nashville that brought their liberal politics with them.
Luckily, Macon County is 40 miles from the nearest freeway making their commute too long, so we're safe from that bullshit..... for the foreseeable future, anyway.


  1. Until Amazon or some other such thing builds another "center" twenty miles toward your place from I65, for the "cheap" land...
    -Just A Chemist

    1. Naw, they've got one down in Cookeville along I-40. Besides, 20 miles from here would have Portland between that and I-65 and that city's already bitching about the truck traffic through the middle of town on 109.

  2. So, as I understand it the county gov is all commies from Nashville? And they a persecuting the Repubs every which way they can, correct? If that is the way it goes there, that sounds like target rich area not too far to drive to.


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