Saturday, August 13, 2011

Subway just lost my business

I usually don't eat fast or prepared food - can't afford to and Lisa cooks better anyways - but I'll never step foot in a Subway again.
I don't patronize muslim owned businesses or those that I'm aware of that cater to them.


  1. I'd have no problem with it IF:
    They had unleavened bread for the week following passover, along with kosher food and advertised it.
    They had Hindu safe food and advertised it.
    They had vegetarian safe food, and advertised it. (I consider vegitarianism a religion, and a bad one)
    I'm trying to come up with something for Catholics and Lent, but since you get to pick what you give up for that, it wouldn't lend itself to advertising...

    In other words, I wouldn't mind if it were something they were doing to draw in business from EVERYONE, but to single out one religion? Yeah, I'm with you on this one. Of course, I'm likely to choose just about any other sub shop because to me Subway food tastes like cardboard.

  2. I quit doing anything with Subway a couple of years ago as it started back then. Good post WC.

    Better subs around where I live anyway.

  3. Where's the friggin' bacon in that?

  4. Fuck them, the porch monkey in DC, the other PM Holder, the gunrunning ATF, the dope running DEA, the fucking teachers union, the three? crazy bitches running Kali, the 350,000 state leaches, .... fuckit we're moving to Texas.

  5. I for one would like to see USDA approved, pateurized and homogenized HUMAN BLOOD in juice boxes with the little straws for all us VAMPIRES out here! Of course it would also have to be HALAL free!


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