Sunday, November 20, 2011

Your Feel-Good Pic of the Day

- This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here


  1. Wonder what he's spraying on them?

  2. Someone should buy that cop a drink. And he should have nailed those camera lenses behind him!

  3. Hey wirecutter, I usually enjoy reading your blog, but this 1 pissed me off. How can you be a cheerleader for the police state? I don't tend to agree with these people, but they are exercising their right to peaceable assembly. You can't have it both ways. You want to defend the Constitution? THEN DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, NOT JUST WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT OR WHEN YOU LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EXERCISING THEIR RIGHTS.

    I tend to agree with you on most things,but you're wrong on this one,man.From one patriot to another.

    Dan Brashers

  4. Sorry Dan, but if they were assembling PEACEFULLY on PUBLIC property (think Zucotti Park here - privately owned)it would be a different story.
    But even those that are on public property have turned those places into a cesspool of crime and a health hazard. The law has a right to maintain order in public places, simple as that.
    The protesters in Monterrey, California are not pulling that shit and nobody, including me, has a problem with them.
    Thanks for presenting your view in a civil manner and using a name. I appreciate that.

  5. @Dan,
    #1 What police state?
    #2 They are breaching the peaceable assembly right, um right and left.
    #3 I'm about as far right as a person can be, but I try to think of a cop as a person, might have had a bad day, we all do. Especially when dealing with OWS types.
    #4 Sorry Ken, I know it's not a forum, but my blood pressure's up now.

  6. No big, man. Not everybody sees eye to eye on all issues.

  7. This incident happened at UC Davis,and how many millions of taxpayer dollars do they take every year?I would say that makes UC Davis public property.In this instance,who is inflicting violence upon who?I know there have been some pretty ugly things happening elsewhere,but in this instance,I see no violence from the protesters.

    If this isn't a deprivation of constitutionally guaranteed rights,I don't know what is.

    And that definitely doesn't make me feel good.Not today,not tomorrow.

    Dan Brashers

  8. Evidently they were causing some sort of problem or disruption for the administration to want them gone. Or should they have waited until they started destroying taxpayer's property as college kids are prone to do when they get upset?
    And you are looking at a picture that shows just a few protesters. What were the rest of them doing? Of course the media is going to show us that picture - the evil man in blue pepper-spraying a group of kids that were merely minding their own business.

  9. I'm closing the comments here.
    An opposing point of view was clearly and politely made, and I don't want to spend any time moderating an argument.
    Sorry, folks.