Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Thoughts - Guest Post

Despite an ineffectual little sissy man in the head office and grubby pawed greedy monkeys in congress, America is a strong Nation and WE the People can make it strong again. We are not lazy, we do not over spend ($4.5 million Christmas Vacation Sissy Boy), We help others that deserve it and face reality folks, not everyone deserves it, we help those that are willing to help themselves.
This Country by no means is a bad country I don't care what sissy boy and the congress monkeys say, we give more than any countries, and always have. Of course we give to all and that needs to stop read above, "those deserving." This country and the people in it are by and large Christian and support and hold Christian values. Those values are in almost every religion ALMOST, I can name one that loves to kill but we are not supposed to say Muslim because it makes Sissy Boy wet his pants and Number 2 Joe said the Taliban is Not our enemy. Wow say it aint so Joe. (Idiot) Didn't read history did ya joe
This Christmas the charities are in full swing, and not just the National Charities, Local Churches, Veterans Clubs, the list is so long Even the Bikers do a Toys For Tots, along with the Marines, Hell the entire military and shitty as they are paid take thin dimes and worn out dollars to help others. Sissy Boy says we should stop that, that only The Government should help others with the monies they steal out of my pay check. That is great, but, The people the Government give MY MONEY to are Not the People I would give to. In Fact they are the problem, they are not willing to help themselves at all unless it is to lie cheat and fill out more forms so they get a bigger check to sit in subsidized housing grow fat pop out more little pay checks and drain my wallet. So Sissy Boy, thank you very much but NO, I get to pick where MY hard earned money goes. Well what is left after the Monkeys under your direction, rape my wallet.
This Holiday Season, If you have a Dime to spare, Give it to someone deserving. Pick a local or a National charity and drop that dime in. Local places are churches, Clubs like Elks Moose, Legion, AMVETS, WOW so many I bet you can find one.
Anyway to make a point, Sissy boy and his $4.5 million dollar vacation has a lot to answer for and I hope he will, but like Clinton he will wait till he is out of office then write a book. Have fun on that vacation Sissy boy, you have the chair now, but 2012 is coming and We The People are a bit miffed to say the least,
You do not know better than us, every dictate brought down on us are soon found to be based on false data, an answer "common sense" would have told you sissy boy, so take your EPA, the BATEF and IRS and let them know, the truth will come out. We the People are tired of being lied to and told what to do, have you not figured it out yet? Every time you dictate what we will not do you become Salesman of The Year for that. We as a people came here were born here raised here to be independent, don't you get it yet? WE Are Free People, and we do not want your chains, or you telling us what to eat, what to put in our bodies, what to put in our cars or how we should build them, We dictate what we want by not buying crap. Figure it out or GTFO. That applies to the monkeys too. Be safe all, enjoy the holidays.
Have a Happy New Year!
Brian In Florida


  1. Man am I glad there are still guys in your great country that think like that!
    I am from New Zealand and visited the US to drive route 66 and also visit the states of Colorado, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. I was blown away by the hospitality and the patriotism of the rural states, especially Oklahoma and Texas. The people we met stood for all that makes America great; Pride, independence and an admirable love for your great country and the way it should be. I must admit that I fear for your welfare as a nation until you stop making a shit job of picking leaders! Americans need to stop voting for the 'salesman' who offers to pay them more of other peoples money.
    You are falling into the same trap as New Zealand is in. You are absolutely right, some people don't deserve my money as of right!
    Fuck Obama (am I allowed to say that as a non-American?) and keep up the good work! Mike

  2. the entire military and shitty as they are paid take thin dimes and worn out dollars to help others.

    But/and compared to the $76 that I was paid in 1966........Great post and comment.


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