Sunday, January 08, 2012

I have a program for you, asshole......

The Dorkfish Express

And because his life is obviously more valuable than yours, I'll bet big bucks that he owns and carries an evil gun.


  1. Someone in NJ needs to invest in an anonymous phone and start "reporting" his honor, along with any other shithead politician or activist dissing the Second amendment. Certain bureaucrats and rights-abusing cops could be reported too, along with anyone who just needs fucking with. Maybe some ads on Craigslist or such for cheap cars or good jobs could use this number as well. Lots of marketing companies love to be given numbers so their telemarketers can call to sell investments, vacations and other crap. Sure would be a shame if the hotline was flooded with enough calls to be rendered inoperable.
    Just thinking out loud- not that I would ever do such a thing...

  2. I'm betting he's got "people" that do that for him...

  3. ejecto pretty much covered what I was going to say. I'm thinking of calling that number a few times myself from Commiefornia to report a pothole, or a burned out street light on the corner of Heywood and Jablowme.

    If the mayor of my town pulled some goose-steppin' bullshit like this, I guarantee you I would spread the word to my 'group' and do everything I could to tie up their phone line and waste as much of their time and resources as possible.

    Problem is, I bet their phones are already ringing off the hook with that quick cash being offered to the maggots of Newark. Homeboys would turn in their own mothers for half of that and a 40 oz. King Kobra.

  4. He doesn't need a gun, probably has about 6 guys carry for him (off duty LEO jobs) and he gets around the issue.


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