Sunday, March 04, 2012

DoE seeking to buy urban combat weapons

Here's the last paragraph:

The employee of CAPCO was curious about the solicitations from the Department of Energy and so inquired to a colleague about why that department would want weapons designed for smoking out people and knocking down doors. His colleague answered with a shrug, “They probably want them for training,” and left it at that. Our question is, “Why would the Department of Energy train its agents to smoke people out and knock down doors.” With coal-powered electricity plants and other traditional energy manufacturers in the cross-hairs of the Obama Administration, one can only speculate that the answer threatens the rights of American citizens.
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  1. The real question for most Americans is " will you stand up and defend your neighbor when this happens to him or her? " because in the end it will happen to you and who will stand with you?

  2. The Dept.f Energy has at least one armed law enforcement agency under its wing and maybe more than one. The one I am thinking of is the National Nuclear Security Administration tha was established in 2000 to protect nuclear sites. Here is a link to their Protective Forces website: This is the type of shit that happens with law enforcement, they become para-military, under laws like Posse Comitatus. In the case of this one agency, it might be a good thing if and only if they are used to only protect nuclear sites, provide secure transportatio for nuclear materials and prevent nuclear disasters. I have to think that them having fragmentation grenades in their atsenal means they are more worried about something than they let on in public.

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  3. Also, the DOE has several different law enforcement units for securing nuclear facilities and for the transportation of nuclear devices.

    The NNSA also establishes policies and procedures for securing materials used in nuclear weapons development. This equipment might be used in executing search warrants for persons suspected of stealing nuclear secrets.

    But then again, why not use the FBI rather than duplicating existing capabilities? And then again, we ARE talking about the federal government...

  4. I work for the DOE off and on. They have some really nice toys.


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