Sunday, May 27, 2012

80 short years ago

This is what a lot of our grandparents went through, trying to escape the Dust Bowl, the bank takeover of their lands and a future of poverty.
Thanks to my Aunt Polly, who's parents made the trip from Oklahoma in '34, just a couple years before she was born in a labor camp here in the Promised Land.
There was no credit to the photographer in the email but judging by the subject matter and style, I'm going to say that it's almost certainly Dorthea Lange.


  1. Not so very far from this are we today...

  2. Shit for a minute Kenny, I was thinking that somehow you got pictures from the future. Maybe 2018.

    Or Arkansas.

    Keep up the good work. Fuck Obama.

  3. Nope, couldn't be 2018, nobody has a government cell phone or a EBT.......

  4. nice picsd

    the diff today is the quality and timbre of those souls v the current iteration

    it's gonna be a trip


  5. It's frightening that my grandchildren could be in pictures like that.
    Have we fucked up that bad to lead to this?
    Papa Mike

  6. My grandfather's memoirs tell of how they searched dumps for scrap metal to make dust pans to sell door to door.
    Yep, I've had an easy life.

  7. My tribe was them.
    Pauls Valley OK. to Tulare CA.
    From there, back to there, I fear.

  8. Welcome to Obamastan time to board the train to the F.E.M.A."Relocation Camp".Move along, nothing to see here!,dancing with the star`s is on ! ,everything is just fuckin peachy!.

  9. Show these photographs to the Occupy Movements and ... Oh Hell! They wouldn't understand.


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