Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another great lower


Check out the stamps on the magazine well and the selector switch hole.


rpm2day said...

Nice. Is that an FA selector hole? Yummy. My friend shoots a Palmetto home built with great results.

hiswiserangel said...

Change, I definitely vote for Change.

CharlieDelta said...

The guys at Palmetto are a great bunch too. I've amassed quite an impressive 5.56 and .45 ACP cache over the last few years thanks to Palmetto.

That is.....BEFORE that tragic boating accident a few weeks ago where I lost it all in the Pacific Ocean.

wirecutter said...

I know, I keep losing my shit in New Melones reservoir - the deepest part. Sadly, I had disassembled them right before my boat flipped.

AbbyK said...

O, such horrible tragedies! And of course you'll NEVER be able to replace. Damn shame, that is.

Nice piece you have posted there.

wirecutter said...

I know, AbbeyK.
I wept. All three times so far.