Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can't blame Bush for this one

An armed robber who wore a Barack Obama mask during a stickup earlier this year at a Florida McDonald’s has been arrested, police reported today.
Marvin McTeare, 22, is facing armed robbery and grand theft charges in connection with the late-January incident during which a masked gunman corralled employees into a rear office and had a McDonald’s manager turn over cash from a safe.
As seen above, one of the Riviera Beach eatery’s surveillance cameras captured the black-clad robber pointing a handgun while wearing a mask depicting a beaming Obama.


That reminds me of the time Pop's Cousin Eugene held up a liquor store back in the early 80s wearing a Ronald Reagan mask and a bathrobe and carrying a coach gun. The cops found him in the motel next door smoking a joint, chugging a bottle of Old Granddad and counting his money.
We all thought that was kinda sorta strange seeing as Eugene was pretty much known as one of the best safe crackers on the west coast and he's holding up a liquor store? He must've gotten tired of his old lady's bitching (you had to have known Dorothy) and was looking to go back to the joint.


missred said...

That is what his son looks like

Ragnar said...

And the difference between McTeare Obama and Barak Obama is?

DirtyOldMan said...

I loved the picture. Holding the pistol all "gangsta" style. Must have the sights on the side of the slide. Fucking idiot. That gene pool needs more chlorine.

Bob said...

When arrested, he said that he was simply redistributing wealth.