Sunday, August 26, 2012

I gotta have a talk with that dog

I spent about an hour today fucking with CharlieGodammit, trying to train him to snarl or at least growl at me when I said "What up, my nigga?" with absolutely no luck at all.
Or so I thought.
I was sitting here on the couch with Lisa and he was on the floor looking all forlorn and I asked Lisa if that dog looked like he needed a piece of cheese. Boom. His head shot up.
"How about some free cheese?" He jumped to his feet. He usually doesn't get cheese except as a treat before bedtime, so any other time is free or bonus cheese.
"How about some gubmint cheese?" Motherfucker almost knocked me over at the prospect of free gubmint cheese. Looks like he was paying attention to his nigga lessons after all.
Gubmint cheese......


MissK said...

He's playing with ya WC, CGD knows exactly what to do to get what he wants :-)

My Lucky would does just about anything for a treat.. Besides the obvious meat, the thing he goes crazy for is salmon or trout skin and fat I take off when I cook it. Always save it for him, makes for a shinny coat. He always growls for me when there's a stranger at the door, and has saved me many times from having to talk to annoying Jehovah Witnesses or politicians... Good Boy ;-)

hiswiserangel said...

Living in Texas, my Charlie wouldn't recognize a nigga if she saw one, but she gets downright pissy when she hears someone speaking Mexican or playing mariachi music.

Anonymous said...

Haha, my border collie could hear me take the cheese grater out of the drawer and she was Johnny on the Spot, I'll tell you. Cheese and popcorn were her favorites. I miss that dog.

Miss Violet

Erinyes said...

You should do a site that's a combination of Text From Dog and Texts From Bennett...