Thursday, September 06, 2012

Could've been some Fast and Furious shooting, guys.

Went down to Sullivan City this past weekend for some white wing action. There were probably 75 people surrounding a 300 acre corn field armed with shotguns when this group of 20 illegals busted out in a straight line in broad daylight running right between me and a buddy. They came from behind him and passed him by about 10 feet, they just looked at him and grinned. 
MORE, with pictures



Tango said...

Yeah, I emailed that link to you, but that link isn't mine. I just knew it was right down your alley.

Stu said...

Bugs gotta eat too, let them lay.

I mean, those poor people just looking for a welfare check, food stamps, and medical care.

hiswiserangel said...

I thought it was "Buzzards got to eat, same as the worms."

WoodBurner said...

Got to call bullshit on this one W.C.
Not an ear of corn in the pics.You don't find 300 acre corn fields on the mexico border.