Monday, September 17, 2012

More ramblings

Mom's been out and about more and more since Pop's died last month and that's a good thing. Matter of fact she's in the kitchen with Lisa right now making coffee and cleaning the kitchen after dinner.
She got on my ass a couple weeks ago because I hadn't called her in three days. I reminded her that I never called her more than once a week before and I liked that schedule just fine, thank you very much. She told me then that she liked hearing a man's voice for a change - she's got nothing but split tails hanging around over there except for poor Michael (my niece/sister's old man) and that fucker takes the easy way out and sits in a corner, smiles a lot and keep his mouth shut. Seriously. I haven't heard that boy speak more than a sentence at a time in the 2-3 years I've known him. Nice kid, just don't know how to stand up to his women.
Back to the phone calls. Okay, Pop's just died, she's lonely, she needs reassurances and all that chick shit, I can dig it and I can give her that much, not a problem. But then it hit me: I sound just like Pops when I talk. My dear Aunt Polly called their house one time and I answered the phone and we carried on a 10 minute conversation before she figured out that she was talking to Kenny, not Kirk. I was laughing my ass off, but I still didn't hear any deep dark family secrets.
So Mom seems to be doing pretty good. Still wrapping up details concerning her income, but she ain't going hungry.

So, moving right along, what the fuck is it about a death in the family that makes everybody all of a sudden want to get up in everybody's fucking business? Wanting to do shit together, go places, and don't even get me started on the dinner invitations and shit.
Motherfuckers, I didn't want to be your friend before Pops died, what the fuck makes you think we're gonna be pals now? Is it because there's one less person in the world that tolerates me you feel like you got to fill a void? Get the fuck away from me. Assholes.
Calming down now......

Yeah, in my family there's always spats that split one side of the family from the other, sometimes for years until somebody up and dies on us. Then all the fucking hugging and forgiving starts, the dreaded I L... Y.. words, then introducing new family members and shit. Hell, I remember back when Cousin Brian was killed about 17-18 years ago, I met Cousin Tonya's husband of 9 years at the hospital for the first time. Coincidentally, she's the one we'd been not talking to when Pops died. But now it's supposedly all good, I expect any day now I'll have an invitation to a fucking barbecue or something to decline.


hiswiserangel said...

Just be your charming lovable self, and all the family dynamics will snap back into the status quo. Give it time.

Liam Callahan said...

Speaking from personal experience try to keep a civil tongue around the assholes if for nothing else dear Mom ;) Good luck

jim said...

Stay with your thoughts ,, God gave you

Brian said...

Just tell Tonya Pops was correct and she was wrong. Problem solved.