Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Semper Fi

Hey, I just want to give thanks to Cpl Mason Robertson (USMC) for his service to our Nation.
His mom tells me that he's re-upped for another four years and drew a stateside assignment although he'd rather be back in Afghanistan. The man has big balls - I hope like hell he's on our side when things go to pieces here at home.
God bless you and we thank you. Fucking A.


Keephonking Imreloading said...

Thanks for your service....


Kenny's biggest fan
KeepHonking I'mReloading

Brian in Florida said...

A Salute to you and to Your Service to OUR Great Country!!!!!!

drjim said...

Ask his Mom to thank him for his service for me.

BIG balls, indeed.

Robert Fowler said...

Semper Fi. from a old marine.

Struan Robertson said...

Other than a USMC Brotherhood, I wonder if we're related. Semper Fidelis.