Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some advice here, please.

Hey, does anyone have any first hand experience in converting small propane tanks (like for barbecues) into reserve tanks for compressed air? How hard would it be, and how much air will they hold? I'm figuring a propane tank would hold more air than a similar sized commercial tank due to the thickness of it. Would it be cost effective or should I just go buy one at the local auto parts store?


Wrench said...

Ken, I converted a used freon tank about 20 years ago and still use it at my business. Holds enough air (120 psi) to pump 1 tire up. There were kits anailable for them. Heck of a lot lighter than a propane tank. Shops throw the freon tanks away (I scrap them for the metal). I am sure a propane tank could be rigged in the same manner though...

PISSED said...

Hey Wire,

Google this

convert propane tank to compressed air

lots of hits, and here's a video:

MAKE SURE THE TANK IS SAFE... you might want to have it hydrotested like they do with scuba tanks.

Good luck!

wirecutter said...

Fucking A, guys, that's just what I needed. I was wondering where to get the left hand threaded fitting.

Motherfucker can never tell when he needs some air, especially on a trip.

Anonymous said...

35 bucks at Autozone. Not worth the trouble.

Features & Benefits

Portable air tank for inflating tires and recreational equipment. Features easy to read pressure gage, 36 inch high pressure hose, and built-in pressure release valve for safety.
7 Gallons compressed air
Pressure 125 PSI
Used for inflating car tires, bike tires and sporting equipment
23.4" x 11" x 12.2"

By the time you screw around with the propane tank....


PISSED said...

Terry in Fla for the win.

Robert Fowler said...

Terry is right, by the time you figure the parts and labor, buying a tank is the way to go. Check around, Harbor Freight usually has them on sale.

General P. Malaise said...

I carry a small air compressor in my trunk because the spare will be flat when you need it, often can buy them for $10 to $15.

Mr.B said...

Cheaper to buy the tank than to convert.


You can put a lot more than 125 PSI in a propane tank. IIRC, several years ago we blew one up at over 5oo PSI.

Not that you can get that kind of pressure out of a normal compressor.

If you really want decent amounts of air for emergencies, get a SCUBA tank (if you know someone who is certified and can get it filled) or buy a CO2 tank and regulator with a whip for filling tires. Either holds a LOT more air than a 7 gallon tank