Monday, October 08, 2012

A day to remember for sure

Philadelphia police have been investigating a violent brawl inside a hotel between the guests of two different wedding parties that left one man dead from an apparent heart attack, and three others arrested.
Dozens of police officers responded to the violent clash in the lobby of the Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia Sunday around 2 a.m. At one point the fight got so chaotic that police used batons on those who resisted their efforts to break up the fight. One person had to be subdued with a Taser. Police said the use of such force was justified.
A 57-year-old man was found apparently undergoing a heart attack on the street outside the hotel and later died at a nearby hospital. His name has not been released by police, but he was reportedly the uncle of one of the brides, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Police arrested three people following the brawl, including the man who was Tasered. Police said he would be charged with assault on a police officer, according to ABC station WPVI-TV.
"I just thought it was very sad, because it's suppose to be a special occasion and for something like that to happen, I just felt bad for the families," hotel guest Chris Himes told WPVI.
The entire melee was captured on video and posted on YouTube by hotel guest Max Schultz, who was awakened by the ruckus.
"There were tons of people, probably 75 to 100 people," he said.
Police said that the fight began as a confrontation between relatives and friends attending the wedding held at the hotel earlier Saturday night. When people attending a second wedding held elsewhere arrived at the hotel bar, police said the original confrontation escalated.


crankyjohn said...

Whats the big deal? Just about every mexican wedding I have been to ends up like this.

Craig M. said...

I like the constant screaming and eeeking and ooooohing in the background. It sounds like the primate enclosure at the Cleveland Zoo.

Toejam said...

It ain't Mexican.

They're Irish Knackers (Gypsies) just having a good time. They regularly wreck pubs in Ireland and Hotels at weding receptions during fuerals.

Google: Irish Travellers (the Irish speller Traveller with 2 "L") you have a hoot.

WRENCH said...

Probably an open bar for the weddiing group that reserved the bar... then the trailer park people arrived.