Saturday, October 27, 2012

AK, AR or Mosin-Nagant?

Go HERE for a look at how your weapon stacks up against the others.
Thanks to Shell for the laugh.


timbo said...

That was fun. Always learn a little somethin around here.

Neil A Russell said...

Love a Nagant. The Finnish ones are works of art and still used to come into the US for under a hundred bucks.
I love the cartridge too, but my heart still belongs to 8mm Mauser.
I call my old railroad iron Hakim my 8mm Garand

Anonymous said...

Stolen from PigBat over at Perfectunion

Like most Soviet designs, "safety" is not priority one. Not that the design is weak or inherently unsafe - simply that the mindset was "Safe!? What is safe?! Rifle is not supposed to be safe - is weapon for killing many fascists!"


angrymike said...

Ah hell, I got all three plus a k98, so I'm good to go.......

crankyjohn said...

The first one about the Mosin, last cleaned in 1945 in Berlin, is no lie, was at the sporting goods store yesterday looking at one. Holy shit that thing still had dirt from WW2 from the look of it.