Monday, October 22, 2012


A Florida man is facing a misdemeanor charge after he went to a Democratic Party headquarters and threw a penny at workers there, claiming that the change was "all he has left after being taxed by Obama," cops report.
The protest Friday evening ended with the arrest of Gary Root, a 71-year-old Naples man (and registered Republican). Root, seen in the adjacent mug shot, was charged with trespassing at the Collier County office where he offered his impromptu donation.
According to a Collier County Sheriff's Office report, Root explained to deputies that he "tossed in a penny as a contribution as that's all he has left after being taxed by Obama."
Root, who bonded out of jail yesterday after posting $1000 bond, had received a trespass warning in mid-May following an incident at the same Naples club. Two Democratic workers there described Root as an "ongoing problem."
The campaign police blotter also includes the bust of a man, 63, who allegedly went on an anti-Obama graffiti spree in New York's tony East Hampton, and the defacement ("Muslim Lier") of a large banner at the Des Moines headquarters of the president's reelection effort.
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tripseven said...

What did they expect him to throw...hope? Thumbs up Mr Root!

doyle abbey said...

Really? Some POS Democraps think that Mr. Root is an "on going problem"?
I would wager that the democrat party has been the "on going problem" since at least, oh let's say Woodrow Wilson and 1912. And most likely the 100 years before that.
Has Big Sis heard about this?
An old man with a penny could make him a domestic terrorist.
Quick Janet you need to outlaw pennies.
Obammy care will soon outlaw old men.
fuck barry

Wraith said...

Meanwhile, on the other side, we have this.