Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hot damn! A coyote derby!

An Albuquerque gun business is having a contest to see which two men can kill the most coyotes. The grand prize for winning the contest is a pair of AR-15 rifles. The contest has people sounding off about the upcoming contest.
The people who live around the Village of Corrales may have never met Susan Weiss, but they've seen her.
"The coyote lady. That's what i'm referred to as, the coyote lady," Weiss said. She likes the title. She has been an advocate for the "Coexist with Coyotes" group for more than a decade and thinks the coyotes get a bad rap. When she heard about the "Coyote Calling" contest by Caliber's to see who could kill the most coyotes, she was disgusted.
"Hunting to eat is one matter. But just hunting for a contest I think is really immoral and disgusting," Weiss said. "Most of the people that I talk to really enjoy seeing them and don't want to bother them and do understand that they have to keep their animal- their own animals safe."

Caliber's owner, Ryan Burt, said he was approached by several ranchers from around the state who have been dealing with the coyote problems. He thinks it's a win-win situation for Caliber's sportsmen who get to hunt, and for ranchers who have coyote issues.
"There's a balance. right now the balance according to our ranching and farming community is that it's kind of shifted to the coyotes favor," Burt said.
Burt and Weiss are both in agreement that whether you like it or not, no one is breaking any laws. Coyotes have absolutely no protection by any law in New Mexico.
Thanks to Stevie Foodstamps for the tip.


Okay, last year a non-resident non-game hunting license in New Mexico was 66 bucks. Go get 'em.


AZRon said...

This is one of the few instances that I'll concede a small amount of competence to government oversight. Millions of tax-payer dollars are spent every year on wildlife management and herd maintenance. Fish and game, department of the interior and thousands of useless individuals get their wages paid by outdoorsmen. This doesn't even address the consideration of ranchers that have to deal with income loss due to livestock and crop "shortages", which of coure, we all pay for more than once.

Of course, don't expect the PETAphiles to let the law get in their way. To them, we should all wither away from veganism.

I've never eaten bear, nutria, feral pig, nor coyote. BUT they DO interrupt MY food chain, so fuck 'em when they become a threat to my belly-full.

If I knew a recipe for making jerky or bacon from the above mentioned pests, and wasn't travel averse, I'd enjoy making a serious dent in the local troubles, filling my freezer, and showing my big white butt to the whiners.

Back to your story, the last time I was in Albuquerque, I spent a few days locked-up before making bail on several felony charges. (mistaken identity, don't judge me!)

As far as I'm concerned, they're on their own.

Heisenbug said...

They're the same the world over. I recall the Great Easter Bunny Shoot in Central Otago, New Zealand, when I was younger. Don't know if they're still running them, but there was a huge fuss. I thought it was a great idea (and funny, too). Wish I could have taken part.

They'll change their tune when a coyote eats one of their pets. Douchebags.

Sanders said...

I may just have to take part in this....if it doesn't take place during the time I am out stalking Bambi with my muzzleloader.