Friday, November 30, 2012

Fuck with me......


tripseven said...

Reminds of a friend of mine that tried to get his neighbor to go in half on a new fence. His cheapskate neighbor refused so my buddy built one out of pallets LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ha ! a kindred spirit. I would go out of my fuckin mind if I had to go back and live in a ' neighborhood.'

Walter Zoomie said...

I had a neighbor who didn't even ask...not a word...just tore out...12 feet of my chain-link and replaced it with newer chain-link...when he put up a wooden privacy fence on his property.

If he had asked me to pay for half, I woulda told him to go fuck himself.

What if I couldn't afford to pay?
I'm the asshole.

What if I didn't want my fence replaced?
I'm the asshole.

Don't come up with a great upgrade idea for you property (that may or may not be of benefit to me), execute that idea without communicating with me beforehand, and then expect me to happily pay for part of the project after its completion.

I later shot his dog, so I guess we're even.

tripseven said...

Anon...this was in Weed Calif where neighborhoods are non-existent. Otherwise the county would have made him tear it down...hell ya!

wirecutter said...

Did you lure it in or pop it through your new fence?
We've got a neighborhood dog that takes special delight in wandering across the street to shit in my yard. Motherfucker is carrying an assload of .177 pellets in him but the dumb sonofabitch hasn't connected dumping in my yard and that sharp stinging pain yet.

tripseven said...

WZ...your scenario is much different. My buds neighbor was complaining about his dog shitin in his yard. The fence was rotten and you ain't gonna tie up a Blue Heeler as suggested...just ain't gonna happen. Payments were offered and was told to piss off.

No, you didn't get even cuz your a f***in pussy for not takin it to the mat with the exact party involved! All you did was more than likely destroyed some child's loving relationship with their dear FAMILY MEMBER! F***in tough guy shithead!!!!!!!!

Travelin Light and Well Heeled said...

LMAO wireutter

i know people like that

tripseven said...

"Motherfucker is carrying an assload of .177 pellets in him"

Way to make em suffer WC! A real III would have opened dialog with their neighbor to solve the problem.

A pellet gun on a domesticated animal...a pellet gun? I can't see how any III would be proud of that!

wirecutter said...

A real III did open a dialoge with the owner and was told to fuck off. I think that's what he said, I refuse to learn mexican. And that fucking dog attacks my mother's geriatric dog when she comes over as well as pedestrians at random. Animal control comes out about once a month looking for him but that's when his owners lock him up until he leaves.
The reason I shoot at it with a pellet gun is because I live in the city and my 12 gauge would disturb the older couple next door.
Don't be getting all self righteous until you know the whole story.

wirecutter said...

And quit talking shit to Zoomie on my blog.

tripseven said...

Perhaps Jose didn't tell you to f*** off. Maybe he was telling you he no-speaky-engla and would like to know what the f*** your talkin bout. Yes, Jose should know English to function here but this isn't my main point WC! My point...why make the animal suffer? Both you and Zoomie are crafty enough to the point where these animals can be dispatched without suffering and that ain't got a damn thing to do with "self righteous." When your hunting I know for a fact your end result is to bring that game to it's end as quickly as possible with the least amount of suffering as God intended.

Ya see my point WC or am I pissin in the damn wind?

To be a III it's 24/7!

wirecutter said...

Naw, Pedro made his point very clear with his pointing and gesturing to his gonads.
Seriously, I hate that fucking dog.

Siddhartha said...

I solved my neighbor's dogs shitting on my lawn with bacon, I fry up some delicious bacon, then pour the grease on their shit, their dogs come back and clean (eat) it up and I laugh as they let their dogs give them big sloppy wet kisses.

Walter Zoomie said...

It wouldn't be fair of me to get angry with tripseven (or anybody else's) for his reply to my pithy remark about shooting a neighbor's dog.

The way I worded it here, it seems I simply shot a dog for shits and grins...and such is not the case.

Did I shoot a neighbor's dog? Gawdamn fucking right I did, and I'd do it again today if I had to.

There's a shitload more to the story.

If you're interested and have the time, here's the story...most of which is verbatim, under-oath, small claims court testimony:

tripseven said...

You know at first I was gonna say f*** this blog and the heartless demeanor to cause an animal to suffer.

They way some of these posts were laid out clearly suggested the author couldn't outsmart their neighbor and then resorted to taking it out on the dog. Well hell ya I'm gonna stomp my feet at this's cowardly at best!

I would never say not to defend yourself or property with any means necessary...I've done it and the dog is dead. The critter wasn't the problem but rather the Rott owner. I gave multiple warnings to the owner only to hear "Bear won't hurt anyone." Ya right...all I have to do is fire up my bike or quad and the bastard is on me instantly and I ain't waiting to get mauled before acting. I gave fair warning!

Now I have a better tactic. My folks neighbors have a dog that enjoys my mother's chickens. After a couple complaints to no avail I made a cheesy trap for Fido knowing their kids were attached to this critter. It only took two times for animal control to haul this dog off for the owners to realize that their wallet is taking a beating. Plus the kids are still loving their win!

I will apologize to WZ for cussing him out...the only thing I would have done different is use a 12 gauge!

wirecutter said...

You've missed the point completely - this dog was not a pet, he was a threat. He attacks at random. I tried to talk to the owner and was rebuffed. Now when the dog shits in my yard. I pop him with a pellet gun. If he's just wandering past, he's free to go. And I've tried to call animal control as I stated earlier but his owners manged to hide him in time.
You seem to under the imperssion that III percenters are some kind of knight in shining armor that can do no wrong. Sorry, but if somebody pisses me off and won't correct the problem, I will.
Dude, if you don't want to visit here, there's nothing stopping you from not coming here and I don't mean that in a nasty way. You wouldn't be the first person to get pissed and leave.

tripseven said...

The problem I see with your method does not fix the issue at merely causes suffering only to be repeated over and over. Your smarter than that WC!

My analogy of a III? Improvise, adapt and overcome. I don't label myself as a III simply cuz I'm not into labels yet I understand why the term is's the definition that matters.

I don't dislike you, WZ or even Mohave Rat after the pres deal. Something keeps telling me you and the rest here were not raised to cause suffering. Just dispatch the f***ing animal already and be done with it is all I'm saying.

wirecutter said...

As I said, I live in city limits and discharging a firearm is frowned upon and I refuse to run the damned dog down or put antifreeze out for it for the reason you stated about needless suffering.
I guess I could set a leg trap in the flower bed.

Anonymous said...

Dang right the dog should be shot fer shittin' in the yard - the dog shit was the problem not the "neighbor".

Had the neighbor been shittin' in the yard he should have a buttload of pellets.