Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two Point Enterprise - Free engraving

Here ya go men, another sale over at and

I've always been a big fan of SOG knives. They're sturdy, heavy duty and hold a damned good edge yet are fairly easy to resharpen.
A couple of months ago, Dennis emailed me with a favor: Would I add some links to my blog? Well, maybe...... I gotta check 'em out first. When I did, they went up right away. Knives and shit, man. Cool knives. And the best part, prices that can't be beat.
Over the past few weeks me and Dennis have become friendly and emailed back and forth and gotten to know each other a little better. Man, he's just a good old boy trying to make a buck selling a great product. He's sent me a few knives and I'll review one tomorrow and then another a little later this week.
You can find his links in my sidebar - Gerber, Kershaw and SOG knives, plus Hand-Tools. Check them all out, there's some great Christmas gifts in there at a very reasonable price.
Oh, speaking of gifts, when you order from Dennis you also have the option of laser engraving, normally 5 bucks, that really personalizes that present.

So wander on over, check out his stuff, and help the man make an honest buck.

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