Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A flaming Kalifornia liberal speaks

A letter to the editor from our local smut sheet:

The writer of the Dec. 1 letter "We're worried, not whining" warns fellow conservatives to be "deeply concerned" so long as Barack Obama is in the White House. She sounds a call to arms to preserve "liberty," "religious freedom," "right to life," "God-designed marriage," "one nation under God," "the Constitution," "the rule of law," etc.
All this is worth fighting for, then she throws down the gauntlet: "What are liberals and Democrats fighting for?"
I've got one: How about fighting to make sure that someday every child in America has something to eat before starting the school day? Doesn't sound as patriotic as the previous letter writer's manifesto, but, as Gandhi says, "God would not dare appear to a starving man except in the form of bread."


Maybe if we followed the things that you're whining about, the kids wouldn't be so goddamned hungry - their parents would have enough fucking ambition to support their families. As it is, the only thing those kids are being taught by giving them free shit is to rely on somebody else to provide for them.

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Mulligan said...

idiot liberal once told me we need to feed all the hungry and homeless

my reply was, we need to not have any hungry and homeless to feed.

I'm convinced that liberals can't envision a world of well fed successful people. Their view of themselves requires some 'helpless' caste of people for liberals to 'save'. While their view of mankind cannot comprehend any generosity residing in others; thinking they are the 'enlightened ones' and everyone else must be forced into helping their fellow man.

Anonymous said...

When you can't provide for your herd, it is time to thin it out.