Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Chicago area cops kill dog in it's fenced-in yard

HAZEL CREST, Ill. (CBS) — The search for a fugitive might have taken a tragic turn; Kenneth Conley escaped from the federal jail in downtown Chicago last week, and one suburban family said the search for Conley claimed the life of their beloved pet.
CBS 2′s Pamela Jones reports this past September was supposed to be the 6-year-old pooch’s birthday, not a prelude to his death Christmas Eve.
Kobi, a 70-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback mix was shot dead, allegedly by a Hazel Crest police officer.
Chanette Weaver said a police officer told her officers were acting in self-defense when they shot Kobi.
She said she’d just put Kobi in her closed, fenced-in yard at about 6:50 a.m. on Christmas Eve. She said, five minutes later, Hazel Crest police showed up at her door.
“One of the officers said, ‘Ma’am, your dog is dead.’ Heartless,” Weaver said.
“He said, ‘Ma’am, your dog was getting ready to attack one of my officers.’ And they shot him three times,” Weaver said.
Hazel Crest police said the dog tried to attack officers on a public sidewalk, and officers felt they were at risk of serious injury.


I got news for you - if CharlieGodammit doesn't bark at somebody, anybody, cop or not, that's trying to get in his yard or look over the fence, I'll kick his ass good. If an officer needs to get into my backyard, he can damned well come up to my door and ask. I mean, if the cop can't get in the yard because of the dog, what in the fuck makes them think a fugitive can?


Anonymous said...

Bull-fucking-shit. Those fucking cops attempted to enter an area they didn't have a warrant to enter, the dog did his job and they shot him dead for his trouble. Had it been me, as soon as I heard shots fired in my yard I would have bounced out the back door with guns blazing and laid waste to anyone my property there without my permission. Fuck these motherfuckers thinking that just because they're the law, they're above the law.

Peter said...

After my service in the military in the mid-late Sixties I joined rural Sheriff's Dept. One of the first things they taught me was "watch out for the SIZE of the dogshit if had to go over a fence. They also taught me that if there was a big, mean dog, to stay out, the bad guy would.

I spent a career and retired, never having to shoot at a fenced-in dog. The change in policing in the years since I was put out to pasture is ominous.

Danne said...

Peter has it right, I seriuosly doubt a bad guy will be found in a fenced yard inhabited by a large dog. Had that occurred here, the fight would have been on....shoot my dog, ya better get me too.....BRING A LUNCH MFs!

wirecutter said...

Last time somebody reached over CharlieGodammit's fence, he took 48 stitches.
It still cost me a hundred bucks to bail CGD out of Doggy Jail though.

Anonymous said...

With such strict gun laws, why do Chicago police even need to carry guns. And yep, you mess with Larry Jones, the war is on, fucker.

Thunderstick said...

Butcher the mother fucker's family in front of him. then gouge out his eyes, cut off his fingers and pecker. smash his nuts between 2 bricks then rip out his tongue and jam nails in his ears to puncture the drums. Finally, let him live!
Make an example out of the asshole.
Merry fucking Christmas.
Thank you, I feel much better now! lol

Craig M. said...

This is not about officer safety, it is about them having their ability to shoot and kill your family and property at will. This is desensitizing the public. It is psyops.

Spiro said...

These stories are depressing fuck, fuck,fuck. Cowardly men who take pride in killing the innocent. Place them in a pack of wild dogs see how tough they are then. FUCK.