Monday, December 31, 2012

Dick's is a dick

Woody mentioned this to me sometime last week and Stuart sent me the link tonight:

In a move that potentially may spark a class action lawsuit, Dick’s Sporting Goods is refusing to fill orders for guns that were paid for weeks ago.
Russell Kellner of Flower Mound, Texas said he and his wife bought three Troy Defense Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifles on Black Friday at a cost of $799 each, a $300 dollar discount.
“It was a heck of a deal,” said Kellner. They received two of them, but were then notified by Dick’s on Christmas Eve, that no more orders would be fulfilled.
Dick’s announced a week before Christmas it was suspending sales of modern sporting rifles in all stores, out of respect for the victims of the Connecticut massacre.
The store has issued refunds and added a $100 gift card for the inconvenience, but Troy Blackall, who paid for two of the Troy Carbines at Dick’s and only received one says, “It’s unacceptable.”
“The guns have doubled and tripled in price now. So it’s not like we can get our money back and buy the guns someplace else,” Blackall said.
CBS DFW also reports that the manufacturer of the guns, Troy industries is “deeply dismayed and shocked that Dick’s stopped selling its rifle”, and that millions of dollars were invested after selecting Dick’s as the sole distributor of this particular rifle.


I think this is a little strange - when I was shopping for a Mini-14 a year or so ago I found one at a decent price at Big 5 but decided to go right across the street to Dick's to see if they could give me a better deal. When I got in there, I didn't see a single semi-auto rifle other than a couple 22LRs at all. They had bolt actions, they had single shots and lever actions but not a single solitary center fire semi-auto rifle.
Fuck 'em anyways. I think the only thing I ever bought in there was some Quik-Clot for my Git Kit and I have no reason to go back there now - I just scored some Combat Gauze on Amazon for 15 bucks, 20 with shipping.


CharlieDelta said...

Fuckin' dicks! Whatever dick at Dick's running the show and making the call on the "sensitivity" bullshit should go fuck himself and right after blow his brains out with a fuckin' Derringer single shot.

I hope Dick's gets sued by every last person who gets dicked out of this dicky deal. I will make it a point to never step foot inside of a Dick's Sporting Goods store for the first time. I heard that place is geared for golfers and soccer pussies anyways.

On the contrary, I have been a loyal Big 5 customer since I was old enough to buy bb's as a kid, and it looks like that won't be changing any time soon.

I do love the power of boycotts, so I will be spreading the word about the dicks at Dick's...

timbo said...

I posted somewhere else also, that I will cash in my loyalty points on my store card and never set foot in one again.

I do like Big5 better anyway as well.