Saturday, December 15, 2012

John Kerry - your new Secretary of State

President Barack Obama has chosen Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts to be the next secretary of state, a source has told Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed.
His replacement as head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, the Sneed source said.
Well, I guess he fits the criteria - he's a fucking liar and full blown liberal.
I remember when he was running for president a few years back and appeared before a crowd of union members wearing a brand spanking new Carhartt coat to show that he was a working man - that coat was so stiff and clean that it was obvious that it was bought just for that event and he looked so fucking uncomfortable and unnatural in it 
When the Swift Boat controversy was raging, I went to the library and borrowed his book (no way was I going to buy it) and couldn't even get half way through it. It was so full of bullshit and fawning over the Kennedys that I got sick to my stomach.
He's a man that was born and raised wealthy, never worked a day in his life and has no idea at all of what it's like to do without. He's a man who's goal in life was to become a career politician and thanks to that cocksucker Obama, he's stepping right on up the ladder.


Robert Fowler said...

Yeah, when he was running, he showed up here in Iowa all decked out with brand new hunting gear. He was going to go pheasant hunting to show his support for the 2nd Amendment.

He must have a different Constitution than I do. I can't seem to find the "right to hunt" anywhere. Douchenozzle I think is the appropriate term. Him and the ketchup queen too.

crankyjohn said...

Speaking of dildos.

Deb said...

Let's not forget to add tax evasion to his long list of qualifications that made him Secretary of State.

Kerry docked his $7 million yacht in Rhode Island, which saved him approximately $500,000 in taxes had he kept it in Massachusetts. The custom yacht was designed in Rhode Island, but built in New Zealand. Some of the best boat builders in the world are right here in New England.

Yup. He's perfect for the job.

Anonymous said...

But, but Juan McMoron is supporting him!

Everything I need to know...

dhanna59 said...

WC, death to tyrants...killing a man is no more than killing a damn dog or cat, if it needs killin, KILL IT.

Brock Townsend said...

My views on the MF back then.


Kerry And His Mystical Khmer Dau (Rouge)

RegT said...

Isn't it sickening that the gay bastard Obama condemns the wealthy - except for his buddies like Kerry? Think Kerry will be paying any increased taxes like the Koch brothers will have to pay?

Brock Townsend said...

Perfectly normal for a liberal.