Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Big Bull

Keith writes in with this:
Hi Kenny – I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now. Going along with what you have been saying about not placing your trust in the police, here’s an article about a local family’s fight with the local authorities here. It’s a long read, but you might find it interesting.
Here's the first paragraph - click on the link in Keith's email for the entire story. It's a long read, but it's a well documented complaint.
I hope you will take the time to read our entire story. Our lives in Chatsworth, Georgia were forever changed, when Nathaniel “Casey” Jones (the big bull), came into our lives, my husband will never be the same man he once was. It destroyed him. He just can’t seem to get past what they did to him and no way of getting away from it. We spent all our life savings (thousands) plus sold many possessions to fight this bully. We even had to sell our wedding rings to help pay for our legal battle. I think it hurt our children most of all, they lost the father they loved. Our daughter gets angry at her dad because she can’t understand the impact it had on him. Sure he’s still here but all he talks about is what they did to him and what happened to him.
Read the rest HERE


And an anonymous commenter just provided me with this gem if you'd like to write the piece of shit and let him know that the world knows about him:

Corporal Nathaniel Jones
Wildlife Resources Division
Region I Law Enforcement
P.O. Box 786
Calhoun, GA 30703-0786


Anonymous said...

A bullet is cheap, they could have saved some time and money.

droneboy said...

Roger that.

BrianS said...

Happens hundreds of times a year. read injustice

Robert Fowler said...

Yep, I would be making a list and checking the scope on my 8mm. There's only one cure for a bully like that.