Monday, December 24, 2012

Quick on my feet

I remember a few years ago back when I was single Janet the traffic clerk asked what my plans were for Christmas and I replied that I was probably going to go kill some coyotes.
"Oh, that seems wrong, killing on Christmas Day" she said.
I reconsidered. "Yeah, you're right. I'll just wound them instead."

And along those lines, here's a video sent in by Bearded Youth:


michigan doug said...

now peta's gonna want their christmas present back.

Bearded Youth said...

I wasn't all that impressed with the shots they were making in this video, but still a good video.

Sarthurk said...

Brutal! WC, what's the most yotes you've killed in a day?

wirecutter said...

Seven in 3 hours. By far my best day - usually it's one out of every 2 or 3 trips.

Sarthurk said...

It took me 11 years to draw an antelope tag, and an hour to find one and put it down.

It took 50 hours fishing for Chinook this year to catch 4. Then I blew it by fishing another 50 hours for nothing.

That's the way it goes sometimes!
Now that I got the .243 dialed in, and a box of 58 gr. Vmax bullets, I might just try to call in one of those yotes.

Anonymous said...

The fuck, man.
I've been hunting since I was a little one, and still can't really understand the coyote thing.

Now, getting me out there against anyone who thinks he's an 'outdoorsman', one on one with comparable field equipment...THAT'S a game I could dig.

I've killed hundreds and hundreds of game that didn't shoot these dudes. But I bet they haven't had something shoot back at them.

So....they're not so cool. Not so efficient. And not the hunters they think themselves to be.

Impressed? FAIL.

J. Chleva
Englewood, CO

wirecutter said...

It's not as esay as you might think. You going after an animal that has superior eyesight, much better hearing, a sense of smell that's out of this world, blends in with his environment, is naturally suspicious and you're on his home turf.
Coyote is the most difficult animal I've ever hunted to the point that I don't hunt anything else and it still surprises the hell out of me every time I get one.
The 40-90 bucks a hide that I get is just a bonus.