Saturday, December 15, 2012

The vultures are circling

I cannot fucking believe this shit.
I'm already hearing from regular readers (Jorge, Wrench and Laura) that tell me they've gotten emails from the NRA and Gun Owners of America soliciting money over the tragedy yesterday to help fight the anti-2A bills they know are coming.
Are you fucking kidding me? Those victims are not even in the ground yet and those motherfucking vultures are using them to ask for money? I'm so pissed right now I'm chipping teeth.
If I was a member of either one of those organizations I would print out a copy of their emails and send it to them with my ripped up membership card along with a letter explaining why I quit.
How fucking disrespectful can they get, using childrens' bodies to solicit donations.....


Anonymous said...

I gave up on the NRA two years ago when I found out they were always on the wrong side of the gun movement (supporting infringements including the 1934 NFA).

Stu said...

Gave up the NRA years ago for that exact reason, everything is an emergency and needs a donation NOW!

Anonymous said...

I gave up the NRA years ago as well. But I still get their emails. I haven't seen any yet regarding the shooting, but it certainly wouldn't shock me at this point if they came. I would expect more class from GOA, so it's troubling news if they are doing the same.


hiswiserangel said...

It's going on, both sides, a friend of mine in NM got emails and calls from some gun control lobby asking for donations to "save America's children NOW!!!" It's just beginning folks.

angrymike said...

I have one problem with ppl complaining about the NRA, every news channel I saw was calling for immediate gun control. If they can get up on their soap box and call for more laws before the victims were cold, why shouldn't the gun community have a soap box of their own to preach from?

Danne said...

Gave up on NRA when they supported Harry Reid in 08. IMO, alot of the politiocal mess today can be laid directly at their door because of this. They're just a bunch a money grubbers.

SUERTE said...

Concur, they are vultures

riverrider said...

i don't blame them. the libtards were at it within minutes. at least the nra are a voice up in d.c. i don't see anybody else up there on the capital steps. put your butt on the steps and i'll send my dues to you instead. i don't like them much either, but they're all we got right now.

wirecutter said...

Riverrider - see the very first comment up there from Son_of_liberty? Copy and paste that link to your browser and see for yourself how hard the bastards the 'fought' for your Rights in the past.
Sorry. They're whores.For them it's not about Rights, it's about a paycheck.

wirecutter said...

AngryMike - Two wrongs don't make a right. I was raised to take the high road.
Let the bodies cool off before they start using them to line their pockets.

Retired Navy said...

More laws? Hmmph.

Seems the shooter broke a bunch of them....lets make some more!

Lest you think I'm some sort of a cold-hearted sonofabitch I think mowing down innocents is reprehensible. Heck, I have a daughter (and a wife - sort of goes along with that, non?) and I would never drop a hammer on some kid at school.

Points to ponder.

Wonder why sick, twisted individuals target schools?

Wrong (I guess you're a gun grabbing libtard).

The correct answer is that schools (and some malls) and the theater where the Batman shooter struck are "gun free" zones.

Wake up.

What gun law does a criminal respect and obey?


Gun laws only effect people who are not criminals.

Same reason there are locks on your doors to your house (and car - and the lockers at school).

Do you really think they will stop a criminal?

Try this test:

Load a pistol and put it in the middle of your coffee table - safety on of course.

Invite your friends over.

Tell them (surely they can see it) not to touch it.

After an evening with your friends and a loaded pistol on the coffee table how many people died?


The weapon, be it a pistol, shotgun, rifle, knife, sword, hammer, screw driver, number 2 pencil, ball point pen, laptop computer (the list is endless) is but an inanimate object that is incapable of inflicting any harm lest it be wielded by someone with mal intent.

Please do not give in to the media generated hysteria and fall in with the "gun control" crowd.

Had there been a teacher, administrator, janitor, with a concealed weapon with which to fight back, I would wager that there would be far fewer dead or injured children.

There. Now you have my input. 20+ year military veteran.

Merry Christmas