Monday, January 28, 2013

Be sure to wear your belt to an uprising

Kinda hard to be taken seriously when your pants are down around your knees - just ask our local gangbangers.



  1. Butt they are NICE undies. The lesson is not so much about belts as it is about the attractiveness of your undies. Never join an uprising in tighty whities.

    Now anyone going Commando, yeah you need a belt. UNLESS you're packing a club, in which case it could be used to beat your way out of a crowd.

    Banning in 3....2....1....

  2. Isn't that the style the little faggots wear here nowadays?

  3. The flip flops kinda make one take him even less seriously.

    Though the rock won't hurt any less, he'll have a hard time making a speedy getaway equipped like that.

  4. Please tell me this isn't a new trend......

  5. thats the new style in the hood.

  6. Is he skipping rocks at a beach? He's got a nice flat rock, his buddy is holding two more, he's in flip flops and has his fancy panties on. I'm thinking beach bum in a rock skipping contest on the shores of the Persian Gulf, tra la.

  7. Thats what a liberal looks like when the shtf and he has no gun.


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