Saturday, January 26, 2013

Damn, that's gotta smart

One of Iran’s official press agencies published photos showing the public amputation of a thief’s fingers on Wednesday. These show a man getting his finger chopped off with a machine resembling a rotary saw.
We contacted many of our Observers in Iran to ask them about this machine. Some of them had heard about it before, but many discovered its existence through these morbid photographs, which were reportedly taken on Thursday. According to the INSA press agency, the man shown getting his finger cut off was charged with robbery and adultery by a court in the southwestern city of Shiraz. He was also accused of being at the head of a criminal organisation. On top of losing one of his fingers, he was sentenced to three years in prison and 99 whip lashes.


Glenn B said...

FUCK ISLAM and FUCK ALLAH IN HIS ASS! Yeah, I can only legally carry 7 roubnds in my mags now but I have plenty of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for skipping the scene portraying his punishment for the ' adultery' charge.( The religion of love ). " Hey ! Glenn ! " , don't blow a gasket over this shit ! . Not to worry , cuz we've got Obama and Nappy to keep us safe !.Oscar O.

WiscoDave said...

Wait 'til the finger cutters union gets wind of this!

Phssthpok said...

It's not a saw, it's mechanical shear.

Electric motor => Belt => Flywheel => Clutch => Shaft w/ Eccentric crank journal => connecting rod/linkage => Shear blade riding in guide blocks.

The clutch is of the 'single rotation' engagement variety and is actuated by the diagonal linkage going down to a pedal. When the pedal is pressed the clutch rides the engagement surface until a single large lug engages, causing the shaft to rotate ONE single rotation (assuming the pedal is not held down).

Something akin to this only obviously MUCH smaller.

(My last job I worked in a shop that had a 6 foot Cinci. just like that was our 'small' shear!)

Wrench said...

Man, if they had that punishment here, there would be a bunch of handless assholes on Wall Street and in DC.