Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From the emails

Dude, you're always talking about being a working man but you post all day and night. Don't you ever sleep?Is there more than one wirecutter?


Good God no, there's only one of me.
Blogger allows me to pre-schedule posts - I can post a bunch of shit and have it come online whenever I choose. For instance, that post on John Browning's birthday was posted a couple months ago so I wouldn't forget. I generally pre-post a couple for around midnight, a couple about 4 AM and then a couple more through the day. That does two things: It lets folks come back a couple times a day and see something new and #2, it keeps you motherfuckers guessing.
See? Ya learn something new every day.


Mile Hi said...

should"nt you be loading trucks grover? i guess 22 are'nt enough.

Wrench said...

God bless you man...

timbo said...

Ha! You do learn something every day. I just assumed you got up at 3-4 for work, and that you had Mondays off. Turns out, my assumption was of zero value!