Sunday, January 13, 2013

I noticed they weren't replenishing their stock

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I do not have a link as of yet but here is what I have found out…
Stopped by my local Wal Mart this morning. They are out of almost every kind of ammo.
I asked to talk to the person in charge of ordering to see if they had any information on this subject.
The manager I talked to said they had not heard anything…BUT.
She tried to order some .223 as I was standing there. She said the order was being rejected by the corporate office. Said she had never had that happen.
She called corporate as I was standing there.
And was told this. “As of right now Wal Mart is not going to be making any new orders of ammo because of the upcoming decision on the second amendment”. Said, “As of right now we are unsure of what new legislation might be coming, and because of this, we are suspending new orders. We will continue to sell what is already in stock in stores and at our distribution centers, but any new orders will not be shipped until the issue is resolved”.
So after they run out, there will be no restocking until Obama makes his decision…Hows that change working out for you now?
As I said, I dont have a link, but you can call Wal Mart headquarters at 1-800-925-6278 for yourself and ask. After the answer press 2 then 1 then 1 again and wait to talk to a rep. I just did this myself and was told the same thing.
Something must have changed at the meeting they had on Thursday.
Guess we will have to wait and see what Obama has in store for us next.

Guys, I am not making this up…Call and find out for yourself.
Another confirmation:
I just recorded the audio to me calling the corporation and this is all too real. It all comes back to “we have to wait for the President to revise the new law for the Federal Gun Control Act. Then we will change our policy”. – sonarx
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Anonymous said...

Hey Wirecutter I saw your post on III Percent Patriots. Who are they talking about Mikey or MVB.

Bobby B

KL said...

I am an Assistant Manager over hardlines in a Walmart store. They have shut off manual ordering for in demand calibers (.223, 9 mm, .45, etc.) but not on some of the others (.270, .243, .38). It is common practice for in demand items throughout the store. You cant order from a distribution center something they dont have and cant get.

wirecutter said...

Mikey, the guys that runs Sipsey Street Irregulars - a real blowhard.

Wraith said...

Apparently, WM thinks we have a king instead of a President.

Anonymous said...

Yeah same shit here ( N.C. ) there were two Wally World`s near here that had an impressive array of A-R rifle`s. Everything from S&W`s Sig`s ,Colt`s and the biggest boogie man of them all " BUSH MASTER`s ! " The sale`s people told me that they sold out in a matter of hr`s. Contrary to leftloonesphere report`s that they were " taken off the shelf ". There are quite a few shotgun`s still available , and they are a helluva force multiplyer loaded with 00 Buckshot . Ammo ? , forget it. The cupboard`s are bare except for 22rat shot and some real oddball shit .

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wally's has caved to this request:

thestarsbegintofall said...

Fuck Cooncracker... dad's prescriptions going up, our salaries going down, and no more cheap wally world ammo... thank god for reloading presses