Friday, January 18, 2013

My County Sheriff's position on federal gun control

 -- Adam Christianson said his constituents demanded to know where he stands on the Obama administration's agenda on gun control.
"I had no intention of (weighing in)," Stanislaus County's sheriff said. "I would have stayed on the sidelines. But I was bombarded. Even the California Sheriff's Association was bombarded — 'What's your position? What's your position? What's your position?' "
Now they know. So does — or will — Vice President Joe Biden, when a staffer reads the letter Christianson sent Wednesday. Biden unveiled nearly two dozen recommendations this week in a response to the massacres in Newtown, Conn., Aurora, Colo., and other places.
Christianson strongly told the feds he is against any new gun-control legislation, period. So much for staying on the sidelines.
While I consider Sheriff Christianson a moderate, I will be the first to admit that he's a definite improvement over every other sheriff we've had in my memory. As soon as he took office Stanislaus county went from a 'May Issue' (in other words, a 'fuck no you ain't getting a permit') county to a 'Shall Issue' county. Before he took office I bet there were less than 100 CCW permits, most of them going to the previous sheriff's cronies. Now there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands. 
You still have to go through the hoops as far as background checks and classes but it's my understanding that a permit is yours for the asking.
My understanding? Yeah, my understanding. I don't have a permit. It's a matter of principle with me - I ain't asking permission from nobody to exercise my God-given Rights. And there is that fucking registration thing, you know? Lord knows, I'm on enough lists as it is. Which is another reason I don't have one - they get their information from the Fusion Center which hits my blog on a daily basis according to my sitemeter. I don't think I'd get one if I wanted to. That Extremist thing, you know?
But would I vote for him again? Absolutely. At least he's pointed in the right direction.

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Wrench said...

One of the good guys. I am pressing my state senator on freedom of info act so PA CCW permit holders don't get their names printed and am trying to get in touch with my county Sheriff to press him about these bulls*** capacity and "assault" weapons laws as well. Get active people!

Worker said...

Just a couple of things out of my diminished brain on a Saturday night:
1. how is a 'Fushon Center' indicated? and,
2. some time ago you mentioned that you were thinking about getting a M1 Carbine (.30 Cal.) -wondered if you ever picked one up (great shooters IMHO).
Enjoy you site and insights (not really looking for a reply but I am curious - keep up the good work.

wirecutter said...

#1 - Got to Sitemeter and click on details. Look for a .gov address then open that visitor. It'll have Fusion Center under the organization's name.

#2 - Bought a Mini-14 last year. I'm real happy with it.

Reverend Ken said...

I will ask permission and they can register my private property when they pry it from my cold dead hands.